Post harvest management i e drying seed crops at different drying times and temperatures studies showed that pea seeds (Pisum sativum L ) were very sensitive to either high drying temperatures or longer drying times Drying temperatures of 40 60 80 and 100 o C were tested It was found that only 40 o C was suitable for pea seeds 2017-2-16Refractance Window Drying (RWD1 and RWD2) Oven Drying (OD1 and OD2) and Sun Drying (SD1 and SD2) methods Effects of these drying methods in terms of physico-chemical properties rehydration ability color parameters ascorbic acid total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of red Jalapeno pepper slices were also studyed

Effects of Drying Temperature for on the Permeability of

radiata D Don dried at a high temperature is caused by the movement and modification of resin in the canals Terziev (2002) also compared the effect of drying methods on the permeability of the preservative finding better penetration for high-temperature dried wood

2020-3-31Effects of High Temperature Single-Pass Drying Process and Drying-Aerating Process on Post-Drying Quality of Rough Rice: YANG Guo-feng ZHOU Wen Rose Prabin Kingsly Ambrose XIA Bao-lin QIU Hong-juan LIU Qiang ZHANG Yue CHEN Jiang The trends of fatty acid value of both drying methods were different from that of constant low temperature

The effects of two different drying methods (smoking kiln and electric oven) on proximate compositions of catfish (Clarias gariepinus) were determined Purchased quantities of catfish were shared into two parts: one part was used to determine the proximate compositions of the raw fish and the other part was sub-divided into two a part was dried using smoking kiln at a temperature range of 60

2014-2-1Free Online Library: Effects of different drying methods on volatile oil content and composition of lavander (Lavandula officinalis L ) (Report) by Advances in Environmental Biology Environmental issues Drying Research Flavoring essences Analysis Methods Flavorings Food

2019-4-9(2017) Pulsed vacuum drying of wolfberry: Effects of infrared radiation heating and electronic panel contact heating methods on drying kinetics color profile and volatile compounds Drying Technology: Vol 35 Blooming Drying Research in China pp 1312-1326

Effects of different drying methods and value addition of

2015-3-13The cleaned moringa leaves were dried in different drying methods namely shade cabinet and fluidized bed drying The cleaned leaves were blanched by steam for 3 minutes For the selected drying methods both blanched and unblanched method were used For all the selected drying methods 500 g of leaves were taken

2019-5-25The effect of sun-drying oven-drying and freeze-drying methods on the nutritional composition of the seaweed Sargassum hemiphyllum (Turn ) C Ag was investigated Proximate and nutrient compositions (amino acids fatty acids minerals and vitamin C) of the seaweed dried by the above methods were determined The results indicated that dietary fiber and ash were the most

2019-4-9(2017) Pulsed vacuum drying of wolfberry: Effects of infrared radiation heating and electronic panel contact heating methods on drying kinetics color profile and volatile compounds Drying Technology: Vol 35 Blooming Drying Research in China pp 1312-1326

2020-2-1Different drying methods lead to different contents of the aroma components but there was a tendency that the longer the drying time the lower the aroma component content of saffron For ID it took the shortest time (0 7 h) but the dried samples had the highest contents of various aroma components especially safranal (22 18%) isophorone

2000-6-30DATA REPORT: EFFECTS OF DRYING METHODS AND TEMPERATURES ON WATER CONTENT AND POROSITY OF SEDIMENT FROM THE BLAKE RIDGE1 W J Winters2 INTRODUCTION This study was primarily conducted to determine if a 105 C drying temperature had overestimated the shipboard water content and poros-ity values of sediment from Holes 991A 995A

Effects of drying temperature on the flavonoid phenolic acid and antioxidative capacities of the methanol extract of citrus fruit (Citrus sinensis (L ) Osbeck) peels Mei‐Ling Chen School of Health Diet and Industry Management Chung Shan Medical University and Hospital Department of Nutrition Chung Shan Medical University 110 Sec 1

2019-7-1compare the effects of drying methods on quality of fermented cocoa beans Drying was carried out using two different methods namely oven drying and sun drying methods Samples were dried at five different oven temperatures of 35oC 40oC 45oC

2019-4-11After NASA ESA (European Space Agency) was also interested in the potential of spirulina to feed its spatial teams during space missions Since this powdered shape is not an adequate food source for such missions ESA has teamed up with the CNRS Europe's leading scientific research organization to compare different drying methods and temperatures in order to conserve as much as

Effects of some Drying Methods on Nutritional

2015-3-2Effects of some Drying Methods on Nutritional Characteristics of Representation of nutritional values of moringa seeds for different drying methods 3 3 Drying curves Generally oven drying (Fig 2) and cabinet tray drying method (Fig 3) leads to a considerable reduction temperature change relative humidity and drying rate The

2009-9-21The Effects of Harvesting and Different Drying Methods on the Essential Oil Composition of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L )Khalid A Khalid 1* Wenli Hu 2 and Weiming Cai 2 1 Department of Cultivation and Production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

The effects of different drying methods on phenolic contents antioxidant and tyrosinase inhibitory activity were evaluated Among the seven drying treatments microwave drying yielded the highest contents of total phenolics flavonoids anthocyanins proanthocyanidins and individual phenolic compounds in dried peach blossoms while hot air

2019-5-20Article Citation: Huangfei Lv Meiling Chen Xinxin Ma Jinghao Li Bo Zhang Changhua Fang and Benhua Fei (2018) Effects of Different Drying Methods on Bamboo's Physical and Mechanical Properties Forest Products Journal: 2018 Vol 68 No 4 pp 445-451

Microencapsulation is widely used to minimize the oxidation of fish oil products This study compared the effects of different drying methods for example spray drying (SD) freeze drying (FD) and spray freeze drying (SFD) on the microencapsulation of fish oil Spray drying (SD) is the most common method for producing fish oil microcapsules and it has low operation cost and short processing

This paper discusses the impact of different methods of drying on the content and chemical composition ofthe essential oil from the herb Mentha longifolia (L ) Hudson Drying of plant material was carried outnaturally in the shade of draughty place in the laboratory oven at the temperature 45C and absorptive lowtemperature condensation

Zhang Ping Zheng Zhian Jiang Qingwu Effects of different pretreatment methods on quality and drying characteristics of Poria cocos after harvest[J] Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering (Transactions of the CSAE) 2018 34(20):294-304